Overwatch’s spookiest seasonal event is right around the corner, and it is sure to bring some absolutely thrilling skins along with it. But, with the latest Bastion Brick event having just launched, when can players expect the Halloween event to officially get underway?

overwatch halloween
Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Potential Start Dates

October 9

Last year, the Halloween Terror event started on October 9, indicating that a similar start date may be in store for players this year. However, last year, this came right on the heels of a D.Va animated short and the release of the map Busan. With a different content schedule this year, who knows if Blizzard will stick with the same start date.

October 1

A reason to believe that this event may start at the first of the month is due to the faction that the aforementioned Bastion’s Brick Challenge event is set to end September 30. To keep fans engaged, Blizzard may opt to directly move into the Halloween event, right as the Bastion event comes to a close. This has been the case before, however, Blizzard has also opted to take a week, or two, break in between events, which could push it back slightly.

overwatch halloween
Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Overall, looking at these two potential start dates, it seems reasonable to assume that Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event will start sometime in the first week of October. Again, this is just speculation, but one based on context and previous event schedules.

The Game Haus will continue to provide updates into when this event will be starting, as well as plenty of other Overwatch and OWL news on the Overwatch tab of the website. 



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