Fire Emblem: Three Houses is only two short weeks away from launch! It won’t be long before the series’ long-awaited return to home consoles with the Nintendo Switch. As more information trickles down, some interesting details did surface concerning Three Houses‘ in-game romances. With confirmation from Nintendo of America, USgamer reports that same-sex romance options are available for the player character Byleth.

Incidentally, Three Houses isn’t the first game in the series to feature same-sex romance options for the avatar. That honor goes to Fire Emblem Fates for the Nintendo 3DS; however, its implementation was limited to two characters between the Birthright (Rhajat) and Conquest routes (Niles). While Nintendo was not specific on the subject for Three Houses, an unconfirmed June leak points out a few names in particular:

  • Edelgard
  • Dorothea
  • Rhea
  • Mercedes
  • “Adult” Sothis
  • Lindhardt

Whether or not that’s the full extent of possible LGBTQ romances for the game remains to be seen; we’ll know for sure once Fire Emblem: Three Houses launches on July 26. In any case, marriage in-game isn’t accessible until the five-year time-skip within the game—love is a slow process that takes a lot of work after all!

Who do you plan on romancing? Let us know in the comments section below!


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