The PlayStation 4 released over five years ago, and, since then, frequent system updates have brought new features and improvements to Sony’s console. While the changes made by these PS4 system updates are not exactly secrets, a feature that was added in 2016 seems to have passed the community by relatively unnoticed. Now, details on this PlayStation 4 feature have cropped up again, and some are wondering how they could have missed it for so long.

The feature in question focuses around PlayStation 4 hidden trophies, which are simply achievements that do not immediately display their name or fulfillment criteria on the PS4 console. Instead, these achievements appear as “Hidden Trophy” from within PS4 trophy lists, and, certainly, many players have resorted to searching the internet for details on what these hidden trophies are, and what they must do in order to obtain them.

However, a recent post on Reddit points out that the details of a PS4 hidden trophy can be seen just by pressing x to select it from the trophy list and then pressing square. Again, the ability to view PS4 hidden trophies has been around for almost three years, since the 4.0 system update, but the aforementioned post has been making waves regardless, receiving over 27,000 upvotes since it was made just a day ago. The official PlayStation UK Twitter account even reshared the information, and it was met with astonishment from many of the account’s followers.

Additionally, some Reddit users responding to the initial post have shared their own PS4 “secrets.” One such user mentions that pressing option after revealing a hidden trophy gives players access to a “search internet” button, which leads those that select it to a page filled with guides for earning the trophy. Another points out that, when charging a DualShock 4, the slower that the light bar on the controller pulses, the closer it is to being fully charged.

Many players may not find it overly bothersome to use their computers and phones to search for details on hidden trophies, but it is certainly much easier to have access to that information directly on the PlayStation 4.  While the PS4 may be coming to the end of its lifecycle, perhaps there is still time for more “hidden” features to come to light and rouse the community.

Source: Reddit

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