For me, Chromebooks tend to have life cycles. Not specifically just how long a Chromebook will actually wake up and run on a day to day basis, but a life cycle of relevance to users in general. Let’s call it a relativity lifecycle. For instance, the relativity lifecycle of the Pixelbook is a long one. Though many didn’t perceive it as important when it launched, I knew it was a big deal and I was pumped about it from day one. But even coming up on two years later, the sleek build and fast performance of my Pixelbook keep me coming back and in the mode of quickly recommending the Pixelbook above many other devices on the market.

The Lenovo Yoga Chromebook C630 has experienced a more normal relativity lifecycle, however, met with mild interest upon its launch but growing on me over time. When not on the Pixelbook, it is the Chromebook I reach for most because of the solid build, great input methods, and huge screen. And, with the price coming down on a regular basis, it has become a quick and easy recommend in its price range for lots of people.

The Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 showed up basically out of nowhere with little to no announcement and honestly underwhelmed me a bit. My initial review was decently favorable, but I was honestly a tad let down. For the price, it was a hard device to recommend and compared to its predecessor, I just wan’t overly happy with what they’d done with this new iteration.

Then came the introduction of the Core m3 model, and I perked back up a bit. We gave it a test drive and I was honestly much more into this device with a bit more power under the hood this time around. At nearly $600, however, my overall impression was still a tad lukewarm. It was a good Chromebook, but not good for the price. Something about the build, size, and included pen has always appealed to me, however, and I always wanted to really like this Chromebook.

Fast forward to today, and I think the Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 is finally priced in a bracket where it can sell well, be an easy recommendation, and make for a great value for those who choose to snag one. As we reported earlier this week, you can get this Chromebook from Best Buy for a paltry $350 if you have a student or are a student. And, if not, the price is still amazing at $399. See this article for all the stuff you need to know to get that price while it lasts.

Don’t forget that this is the model we’ve not seen prior that comes decked out with the Core m3, 4GB of RAM, and 128GB of internal storage. At this price, I’m very compelled by this Chromebook again. To me, this is the high point in this Chromebook’s relativity lifecycle. It is still plenty fast for anything you want to do, now there’s a ton of internal storage on offer, and it is now in a price bracket that makes it a much, much easier choice for those looking to purchase a Chromebook for the fall.

While we are fairly confident we’ll see an updated Samsung Chromebook Pro later in the year, this Chromebook Plus V2 is now nestling into the sweet spot of its relativity lifecycle and is a device that I’ll heartily recommend as long as it sticks around this price point. As a matter of fact, I’m likely going to go snag one for myself.

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