The coronavirus (COVID-19) maintains a health alert in many countries of the world, so that people are kept sheltered within their homes, venturing out only in situations of purchasing food or medications. Although some studies have offered the possibility of working from home, not everyone has the flexibility to perform their work, or the need is greatest and the people must continue to work to make ends meet.

Companies, cinemas, theatres and even schools have closed their doors with the purpose of safeguarding the health of the people.

The government of Poland has found a creative solution to keep its citizens within house, has recently created a server Minecraft for the children of the country can have access to a fun healthy into these days and what is more important, in the safety of their homes.

The server was created under the initiative Grarantanna, which organizes a series of online activities for students, kids and seniors can be entertained, and to learn from their homes.

The initiative includes an educational quiz, games of rock, paper, scissors, but without doubt the most striking feature is the presence of a server in Minecraft where there are building contests.

The Polish students will be able to have a space of 60 x 60 to build buildings to your liking, as long as the buildings are real. The server is open to students of primary, secondary and even university.

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