While the truck is undoubtedly in pristine condition—it was titled for the first time in June 2019—everything else about it is, for the most part, pretty typical. It’s fitted with the 5.9-liter V-8 which can be found in essentially every half-ton Dodge pickup of the era and, conveniently, it’s a four-wheel-drive model. That last bit doesn’t really matter, though, as no one will be driving this museum-grade piece through mud or snow anytime soon.

Other options include a bench-style front seat with room in the back for a few (admittedly small) passengers thanks to its extended-cab configuration. A period-correct bed topper stands as the only add-on, and it’s been painted to match the truck’s factory Solar Yellow hue. Lastly, the Ram 1500’s Sport package brings with it a slew of nice amenities like power windows, locks, and mirrors. 

Again, the likelihood of any of these features ever being used is non-existent, but at least the Ram will be immortalized in what’s close to the model’s top-spec.

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