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I am trying to install a script on my OpenSuse Webserver, and I managed to resolve most of the errors except of one:


The value for session.save_path (/tmp) is not writable for the web server.
Make sure that PHP can actually save session variables.



session.save_path: writeable 
You need set permission for your var directory. That seems to be the problem.


well – i guess that the default ownership may be incorrect on the session folder: 


Example; php on some Linux-Server defaults to apache user. 


If using nginx or other need to switch the folder ownership.  Also as a note you have to change the user/group setting in www.conf.


chown -R root:nginx /var/lib/php/7.0/
sed -i 's/apache/nginx/g' /etc/php-fpm-7.0.d/www.conf
service php-fpm-7.0 restart

But wait:  what about the security – is it save to make the session.save_path writeable!?


my server-admin says that this is a big big hole and makes the server unsecure. 


love to hear from you 


your apollo 

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