Samsung Galaxy Note 10The Galaxy Note 10 Plus.Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

  • Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 is an easy sell for Galaxy Note fans.
  • It has the latest specs for powerful performance, a massive 6.8-inch screen, the S Pen stylus, great battery life, a beautiful design, a super fast charger, and it’s priced like phones that are less capable. 
  • The one thing that disappoints is the camera. Samsung appears too eager to enhance your photos, resulting in an overly processed look. 
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Galaxy Note fans already know that they love Galaxy Note phones, so the main question is whether they should upgrade to the Note 10. 

The Galaxy Note 10 is the best in the series. Of course it is — every new Note that came after your own model is the best in the series. The Note 10 runs on the latest and fastest chips, has the biggest screen, and comes with a few minor updates.

There are a couple meaningful updates in the Galaxy Note 10 that I’m sure previous Galaxy Note owners wish they had: the ability to convert handwritten notes into text, and the ability to search through your notes using keywords.

Otherwise, Note 9, or even Note 8 owners don’t have too many reasons to upgrade. The update mentioned above is great, but getting the Note 10 just because of those new features seems a little expensive and drastic. Regardless, the choice to upgrade from whatever you have now is yours at the end of the day.

Galaxy Note newcomers may be lured by the flashy Note 10 “Aura Glow” photos that are all over the internet. For those potential buyers, here’s what you need to know: It’s the most “Android” phone there is. The Android operating system is maleable, and Samsung takes full advantage of that core Android feature with the Note 10. The company has customized Android to do things that other phones can’t, not even Google’s own Pixels. 

As a result, the Galaxy Note 10 is a veritable powerhouse productivity machine with its massive 6.8-inch screen, high-end specs, and, of course, the S Pen stylus. If you ever waited to do something on a laptop because your smartphone’s screen is too small for that task, and your finger taps too inaccurate and clunky, you might want to take a look at the Galaxy Note 10. 

Really, the key here is the giant screen and the S Pen. The screen gives you more comfortable visibility for what you’re doing, and the S Pen gives you that pinpoint accuracy to do more intricate things. And the features that are enabled by the S Pen are a result of Samsung’s own customization of Android, not Google’s. 

On top of that, the $950 starting price for the regular Note 10, and $1,100 for the Note 10 Plus, is pretty standard in today’s smartphone prices. It’s not a bad price for such a versatile device. 

At this point, I’ve spent a little over a week using the Galaxy Note 10. Read on for a more detailed breakdown of what it’s like.

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