The Polish government has set up a new initiative to keep students entertained while they’re stuck at home due to COVID-19 restrictions. Their initiative includes a Minecraft server, and a competition for the best builds.


As related via PC Gamer, the initiative is titled Grarantanna. It includes quizzes, puzzles, and other activities, along with a Minecraft server for students, as planned by the Ministry of Digitisation. There’s also a competition currently underway, whereby participants are given a 60×60 plot and tasked with building the best building of, it seems, anything. The site mentions “known buildings”, but the FAQ seems to imply that you can build anything you can imagine.

Minecraft seems to be a popular support tool for keeping students entertained and educated throughout this period. Just yesterday, Phil Spencer announced that free educational content would be provided on Minecraft as a useful tool for parents and students alike, found under the new Education category in the Minecraft Marketplace. This content includes a partnership with NASA so that players can explore the International Space Station, as well as visit Washington D.C. landmarks, learn about coding, marine biology, renewable energy, Greek history, and more.

The Grarantanna Minecraft competition ends on March 27th. The free educational content announced by Spencer and Mojang will be available until June 30th.

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