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The Subaru STI S209 Has A Monster Price Tag

Photo: Justin WestbrookWith only 209 being made, you’re fairly unlikely to ever see the new Subaru WRX STI S209 on the road. But if you do, know that whoever wanted this 341 horsepower super Subaru paid a lot of coin for it: $63,995, not including the $885...

Pokémon Sword and Shield download size is 10.3 GB

Based on the download cards for Pokémon Sword and Shield that have started to appear in stores, the game will need 10.3 GB of free space to download onto your Nintendo Switch. For context, here’s a list of some of the file sizes of Nintendo Switch games: The...

Now with a 240 Hz Display

Already a big name in the gaming laptop market thanks to its sizable-yet-portable form factor, Razer has announed that they're going to be expanding the range of their flagship Blade Pro 17 laptop even further with another new display option. With an eye...

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