There have been rumors for some time that Nintendo was planning a pair of hardware revisions for the Nintendo Switch, and that at least one of them–a cheaper version–could launch as soon as this year. The idea of such systems would come as no real surprise given Nintendo’s history of offering new iterations of its gaming hardware. E3 came without any word of such a device, but out of nowhere, Nintendo has now confirmed one of those rumored systems. It’s called the Switch Lite, and it releases later this fall.

This won’t replace the existing Switch model. The most notable takeaway, aside from the lower price point of $200, is that it can’t be docked with a TV, making it a handheld-only device. That has major implications on its purpose and how certain games can be played, particularly those that relied on detaching Joy-Cons from the system. And while we don’t yet know everything about the system (how exactly you can or can’t move between different Switch systems remains to be seen, for instance), there’s a lot we do know about the Lite, and you can follow along with all of our coverage below. We’ll continue expanding this as we learn more.

Meanwhile, the existing Switch will be getting an update, if new FCC filings are any indication. That doesn’t necessarily point to any meaningful improvements or changes for that model, but it’s possible there could be some slight improvements ahead of the release of the rumored, more powerful Switch. For more, check out our rundown on when and why Nintendo refreshes its hardware.

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