Nintendo Subject To Switch Joy-Con Drift Class Action Lawsuit Investigation

Drifting Switch Joy-Cons are now being addressed by a US law firm who have begun investigating a potential class-action law suit against Nintend.

When the switching abilities of Nintendo’s latest flagship console were revealed to the world, allowing the device to detach its Joy-Con controllers to enter a docked television mode, many of us were astounded. It was a marvel of imaginative engineering, but as you would expect from such a delicate piece of kit issues have been commonplace.

From scratched console screens to Joy-Cons disconnecting the Nintendo Switch has had a long history of problems with its switching abilities, but this Joy-Con drifting issue blows them all out of the water due to this class action lawsuit.

The lawsuit investigation has been started by the Chimicles, Schwartz Kriner & Donald-Smith law firm. They state that the Joy Con controllers associated with the Nintendo Switch console “will register movement when the joystick is not being controlled,” which interferes with gameplay. This is something we all know as control stick drift.

This issue is well known throughout the Nintendo community, with You Tubers and players alike having noted the issue for a while. Specifically, the YouTuber TronicsFix has shown how to fix the drift issue. Usually it’s caused by debris stuck under the analogue stick, which can just be fixed with a quick clean.

A lawsuit like this probably won’t worry Nintendo, if most of the issues are caused by debris then the drift isn’t a manufacturing issue and more a care issue which would be down to the individual user.

Despite that fact, Gaming INTEL will follow this case closely just in case the investigation uncovers some hidden fault with Nintendo’s hardware. It may still be the case that there is an underlying manufacturing fault with the drifting controller units that has yet to be found.

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