Microsoft Removes Three Windows 10 1903 Upgrade Blocks

Microsoft removed three Windows 10 version 1903 upgrade blocks today after resolving the three critical issues impacting the Windows devices blocked from updating.

According to the Windows Release Health Dashboard the first issue fixed by Microsoft was triggering loss of functionality in the Dynabook Smartphone Link app after installing the Windows 10 May 2019 Update.

“Loss of functionality may affect the display of phone numbers in the Call menu and the ability to answer phone calls on the Windows PC,” explains the issue’s description.

Windows 10 1903 update safeguard holds removed

The second fixed known issue would lead to audio loss on computers with free Dolby Atmos for home theater extension or paid Dolby Atmos for headphones extension “acquired through the Microsoft Store due to a licensing configuration error.”

The problem occurred because users couldn’t enable Dolby Atmos extensions because of not being able to connect to the Dolby Access app.

An issue which would throw a ‘This PC can’t be upgraded to Windows 10’ error when trying to update Windows with internal hard drives, external USB devices, or memory cards attached was also resolved today by Redmond. This was caused by incorrect drive reassignment during the system installation process, 

The compatibility holds for all three resolved issues have been removed by Microsoft, but users should note that in some cases it may take up to 48 hours until they can install the Windows 10 May 2019 Update on their devices.

Remaining Windows 10 May 2019 Update upgrade blocks

Microsoft is still blocking some Windows devices with compatibility issues from installing the Windows 10 May 2019 Update, to prevent incompatible computers from experiencing performance issues after the upgrade.

Windows 10 users who experience issues while installing the latest updates can follow this guided walk-through for fixing the errors.

Microsoft also released a support document designed to help users to troubleshoot Windows 10 update problems when dealing with update installation issues.

At the moment, there are five compatibility update blocks in place for Windows 10 version 1903:

• Unable to discover or connect to Bluetooth devices
• Display brightness may not respond to adjustments
• Intel Audio displays an intcdaud.sys notification
• Cannot launch Camera app
• Intermittent loss of Wi-Fi connectivity

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