While just being a few days into the two-week long merge window for Linux 5.3, it’s certainly another busy cycle even when considering the summer months tend to be a bit slower for developers.

On top of the many pull requests already covered so far this week for Linux 5.3, here are some of the smaller pull requests worth mentioning for this next kernel:

Staging/IIO has a lot of work on the industrial I/O driver front, various Realtek updates, continued improvements to EROFS for getting it ready to graduate from staging hopefully next cycle, and other work. In the end it’s around neutral for the number of lines added and removed.

CLONE3 is a revised version of the clone syscall.

EDAC driver work for error detection and correction has Coffeelake support finally added to the ie31200 driver, Icelake server support within the newer i10nm driver, an EDAC platform driver for SiFive SoCs, Stratix 10 SDMMC support, and other updates.

Kdump updates now properly support Kexec on AMD hardware when Secure Memory Encryption (SME) is enabled.

x86/boot offers EFI support for kexec/kdump that is more robust.

TTY/serial has various fixes.

Stay tuned for more Linux 5.3 kernel coverage of the more interesting changes followed by the subsequent benchmarks.

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