BMW plans to pull the plug on i3 electric vehicles

BMW has decided not to renew its flagship i3 electric car, although it has made great headway into the EV market. In South Africa, it’s one of the few EVs available to consumers. Luckily BMW doesn’t [lan to stop production altogether, just the release of new models in the future. The i3 is in its sixth year of development, and the company does not plan to cease overall production just yet. It represented quite a different side to BMW, a notorious luxury car brand, by bringing a modernist touch to its lineup. It could be argued that the i3 is aimed at a particular type of person, but in South Africa, it’s aimed at consumers who want to enter the EV market. For the time being, it’s one of the only choices South Africans have to bypass fossil fuels. This move is a strategic one, with BMW planning to invest more into new electric vehicle tech. It plans to build more electric powertrains and hybrid technology into its whole range.

Source: Financial Times

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