Important to Learn Web Design. We Know Coding. Not Hard for All Not Easy for All. But When You get feeling about it you will be mad to get coding. For Coder, We call then Programmer or Coder. Most interesting part of the coder and programmer is when we start coding and programmer no matter what happened to the world we don’t care. We care that how we complete it and launch it.

Some Time Lots of Music and Coding Make a Day Great and for Programming Error we think about 2 things. One why my code not working and other My code working but why?.


So Coding is Fun. So Thing is why we should Learn Web Design. It’s not important to learn it. But if it’s your hobby then you can. Like Me It’s my Hobby then I make it as My profession. Web Design is Mixed of language.

(HTML, CSS, JS, Jquery, Graphic Work) All are include in Web Design

So 1st we will learn about the Website¬†Structure. Let’s see.


We can see the website is made with 3 Structure.

  1. Sequence Site
  2. Hierarchical Site
  3. Web Linked Site.

Ok, Let’s Learn how Sequence Website Works:

Sequence Site Structure Are Work Like a Form Page. Like when you fill a form after submit you can’t go back. So it’s like This. The menu are link with one to other page like a step.

like If you are go page 1 there will be link to go page 2 then page 3 then page 4. If you want to go back to page 2 again. then you have to go to page 3 then page 2. It’s Totaly samlier like browser back button. It’s Like this Image

Ok, Let’s Learn How Hierarchical Site Works:

Hierarchical Website is Like our PTC refer System. Like you are the Main. So 2 People Sign Up Under you. then More 4 People Sign Up Under You. SO It’s Like this. So The Main is Home Page then Go to you can go to other page then inside of that you will find another sub menu. Then after Going that Page You will find More Page. Like This is the Image.

Ok, Let’s Learn About Web-Linked Site works:

Web Linked Website is Like our Normal website. Like It’s Linked to Our All Page in the Website. Like page 1 to page 2 and page 3 to page 4, Page 4 to Page any uppor page. Like if we visit one page we will find another page link and back page link. So it’s like a school. If you go to school you will know about your study and other thing in the school. if you don’t go to school you will not know anything about that school. so it’s like school is linked with other activites which you can able to to know by one linked. then other linked connect to other after join you are know about that links and then network. By that you are making a big networks with links. So it’s like this. It’s connect to one to another and another to other means all page are connected to all Page.


So We have Learn About the Website Structure. Now we are Going To learn about What is the Static website and Dynamic Site in the next Blog.