ABOUT NBA 2K: NBA 2K is a series of basketball sports simulation video games developed and released annually since 1999. The premise of each game in the series is to emulate the sport of basketball, more specifically, the National Basketball Association, and present improvements over the previous installments.

We are here to answer if you are an NBA 2K player and wondering why you can’t play the game for now. Well, there can be a lot of reasons, maybe game servers are down. This can happen because of a fault, or the company has intentionally done that for server maintenance. And sometimes, it is done to add new content with rolling out the update.

Here, in this post, we will keep you updated with the latest server status of the NBA 2K game. So, you just need to check out the post or our new official Twitter handle (@DigiStatement) for the latest updates.
The server status updates mentioned here are based on the official statement by the company. We will update the post as soon as possible. Also, we will be adding the newly updated content at the end of this post.

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According to the official statement by NBA 2K Twitter handle, the servers of the game will be taken off for maintenance. And the expected downtime for the servers is an hour. The server maintenance has started from 10 AM PST.

Stay tuned, as here, we will be updating you with the latest servers status news of NBA 2K mobile game.

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