1. HTML means “Hyper Text Markup Language”. This is not a programming language, markup language.
  2. If you want to be a web developer then this language will be the best way to learn first. But it is very easy to learn.
  3. If you learn this, you can create a web page. If you learn CSS then you can give it a little bit more on the page
  4. Then javascript’s turn, if you learn javascript, then your web page becomes dynamic. Finally, if you learn PHP + database then you can create a complete database Driven website.

The thing that needs to learn HTML (ie where to enter HTML code)


Notepad. Open Notepad. Since new starters start with the notepad, then switch to another advanced editor like Netbeans or Dreamweaver. And if you have work experience on Dreamweaver then you can start right now. Notepad by default, there will be no fun or convenience by code. However, there is a light notepad like this, the name “Notepad ++” will get a lot of benefits here and it can be used to write professional code without the doubt. This is the download link

The words that need to know well to learn HTML-

  1. HTML Element
  2. HTML tags
  3. HTML Attribute

These words will always come and have clear ideas for them.

The latest version of HTML is HTML5. XHTML is followed by all the rules in HTML 5. Therefore, the earlier versions of HTML 5 will be automatically learned. So we will give the tutorials as well.

* The company named W3C makes HTML ready and managed.

* HTML 5 is basically HTML, but here many new tags and rules have been added, which we’ll explain in the next tutorials as per the requirements.