** Textarea A form element means that there are many examples here that should be placed inside <form> </ form>.

In the text field type input = “text”, a few words are written in the text field. If you need to write several lines, use the <textarea> </textarea> element. Suppose the user will have a field to write about yourself in the form, then use textraea because the user can write many lines and write about himself.

<textarea cols="30" rows="7" name="about_you">Write about you</textarea>

The length of the cols attribute can be extended across the length and the value of the rows will be as tall as it can be.

You can use an attribute named wrap. wrap = “soft” If the user gives more text than the textarea’s width, it will appear in one line (submitted). By default it is enabled. If wrap = “hard”, the text will be displayed (broken). You must use the cols attribute if you are trying hard.

autofocus = “autofocus” or just autofocus It also gives an attribute if the mouse moves in the automatic text area and the cursor will pitch. This will be the time when pages are loaded. And if it does not, then click on the mouse inside the textarea and then the cursor will pelt.

required = “required” or just require it. This is the work of form validation that had to be done with javascript before. If the field is not filled by the user, then do not let the form submit.

readonly=”readonly” or just readonly, the user can only see but can not write anything there. Typically, privacy policy statements are often readonly written in textarea.

disabled can use an attribute disabled = “disabled” or just disabled. Then the textarea will appear with a gray color.

maxlength, name, placeholder These are the tutorials in the previous tutorial, here’s the same thing.

<form action="test.php" method="post">
<textarea autofocus="autofocus" cols="30" rows="10" name="about_you" placeholder="write about you" required></textarea>
<input type="submit" name="submit" value="Submit">

Run any saved .html extension with extension (eg test.html).