If we look at any of the HTML documents, there must be tags. For example, see the following document: <html>, <head>, </ head>, <body> etc. One tag.

In simple words, a word wrapped with less than (<) sign and greater than (>) symbol (which is HTML-approved) tag. For example, when writing the html word with these two symbols in the HTML document, its name is html tag. Hundreds of such tags are in HTML Such as paragraph tags <p> </ p>, heading <h1> </ h1> tags etc.


<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>HTML Tag tutorial</title>

<h1>Here is heading</h1>
<p>demo content goes here.</p>


Almost all tags have an end tag such as the end tag of the <html> tag above is called </ html> again <h1> the closing tag </ h1> so the rest of the tag is </ h1>

The technical word that is used is called opening tag and start tag and the last tag is called closing tag or end tag. Both of them have more of a backslash (/) sign in the same closing tag.

The content of this opening and closing tag is to provide content. As above.


** This tag is the main thing of HTML. There are hundreds of tags, the more you can remember, the faster you can work. But for a long time, most of the essential tags are kept in mind.


** Some tags have their closing tag, such as input tags, image tags, etc. These tags are slightly different.

<img src="/path/to/image.jpg" alt="an_image"/>
<input type="submit" value="Save"/>

See image tag has started <img thus end with /> with this symbol. The input tag is also similar. And the things that are seen in the middle (src, type, etc.) are the attributes of the associated tag.

* Each tag uses different types of attributes.


* Each tag has specific functions, such as if you want to give a paragraph to your HTML document <p> </ p> inside the tag, if it is heading, <h1> </ h1> should be placed inside the tag (if large font heading is <h1 >, According to the size <h6>). To give a text field, input tag <img tag </ title> tag to display in the title bar of the browser.


* The parent document that says “html” <html> for the whole document, because all the tags in the whole document are kept inside it. The tags used inside are child’s tags. Similarly, the child tag of the head tag is the title tag but the title tag has no child tag. Again see body is parent tag and its child tag here p and h1