<p>This text is <sup>superscripted!</sup></p>

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This text is superscripted!

HTML – Exponents
To use exponential angle, use <sup> tag.

2<sup>3</sup> = 8

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23 = 8

HTML – Footnote:

In the novel or article, a <sup> tag is used to refer to a text that indicates footnote.

<p>"It was a lover's tryst<sup>1</sup>."
<hr />
1. Secret meeting between lovers

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“It was a lover’s tryst1.”

1. Secret meeting between lovers

HTML -Subscript

<p>This text is <sub>subscripted!</sub></p>


This text is subscripted!

<p>H<sub>2</sub>0 - Water
<p>O<sub>2</sub> - Oxygen
<p>CO<sub>2</sub> - Carbon Dioxide


H2O – Water
O2 – Oxygen
CO2 – Carbon Dioxide

HTML – Strikethrough

<del> A cross can be written through the tag.

<p>This text is <del>scratched</del> out!</p>

Display: Strikethrough

This text is scratched out!

HTML – Check Off Task:

<li>Clean my room</li>
<li><del>Cook Dinner</del></li>
<li><del>Wash Dishes</del></li>


  1. Clean my room
  2. Cook Dinner
  3. Wash Dishes