If you want to create links on any of your site, click on which other pages / sites will appear. The link is created using anchor tag. Not just text. If you want you can link to a mail address, link to a photo, create a large web page content, and link it to its items (clicking on these links will go to the part of the page from where the item is started).

HyperText Reference (href)

The href attribute specifies that the user will click where to go.

Hypertext reference can be Internal, Local, Global

Internal: Links will be created on the same page.

Local: Link to any page within your web site will be created.

Global: Links to other web sites will be created outside of your web site.

Internal- href = “# anchorname”

Local- href = “/ ashik /../ pics / picturefile.jpg”

Global- href = “http://www.ashik.pw/”


How to Create HTML Links (Text)

<a> and> tags mean the start and end link between the tags. The href attribute determines which type of link will be installed. The href attribute should be placed in the opening tag. If there is any text in the opening and closing tag, then it can be seen as a link on the web page

<a href="http://www.google.com/" target="_blank" >Google Home</a>

<a href="http://www.yahoo.com/" target="_blank" >Yahoo Home</a>

Display: Global Link

Google Home              Yahoo Home

HTML Link Target (HTML-link Target)

A tag with a target attribute can be determined by how the link will be opened, such as “_blank” and “_self” in the new window, the link will be loaded on that page.

<a href="http://google.com" target="_blank">Self Page Load Link</a>


Self Page Load Link

HTML Email Links

How to create a link above the text link. Email link should be done in the same way as the inverted comma within the attribute of the web site and thereafter the email address will be given.

<a href= "mailto:abc@mail.com" >Email Example</a>


Email Example

Move the mouse over this link, the text below will appear in the mailto: abc@mail.com. If you click here, your browser will create an email to abc@mail.com. To make it easier to say, suppose you are using the Mozilla Firefox browser, if you go to Tools> Options> Applications and go to Mailto from the dropdown menu Use Yahoo Mail If you click on the Email Example link, your Yahoo Mail will open and you will be prompted to abc@mail.com in the To field.

If you want you can fix the subject and body in e-mail link

<a href= "mailto: a@b.com?subject=Web Page Email&body=This email is from your website" > 2nd Email Example</a>


2nd Email Example

Click here to open your Yahoo Mail and place it in a@b.com and Subject instead of Web Page Email and Body on this site.

Internal link

Click the links below to see these links in different parts of the page. This is the link to the internal link.

Click here to go to page “where you want to go to the page, you have to set it in advance

<h3> Hypertext References (href) <a name="top"> </a> </ h3>

The next link should be done in this way (name = “text” here)

At the end, “Link to the page” has been linked to this way

<a href="#top"> Go to the top of the page </a>


<a href="#text"> Text Link </a>