Hello Everyone.

Today we are going to learn how to turn on the CPU by Keyboard without Pressing Power Button.

Most of the problem we are having is our CPU Power Button Get Bad and Broken. For that we can’t start the PC means we need to change the Power Button. SO Today We will Learn How to Turn on Pc by Keyboard.

*Note: Only PS2 Keyboard will be work in Here. The other Keyboard will be not Work.

Now Lets Start The PC then Press Delete for Gigabyte Motherboard Bios Management Center.

Then Go to Power Management Support

Then You will able to see there are write power on my keyboard.

For 1st It will be disabled. SO you have to able it use mouse or keyboard to go there.

Then you will get 3 Option on there one is Power on by Password or Power on by any key press or Select One key to Power On.

Select The Password Option. Then Enter a password. Then Save it By pressing f10.

Now it’s done. Restart Your PC and Shutdown it. Now enter the password on the keyboard it will Turn-on your pc Now.

So here we learn How to Turn on Your pc by Keyboard. You can use Mouse to make it on but it needs to PS2 Mouse.


Here We Over. Have a Nice Day. Meet you in Next post. Till Bye.