Hello everyone, Today we are going to learn how to make a Shoutcast Radio server. To Start the Radio Server we need a VPS or Dedicated Server or any Home server with Real IP/Dedicated IP. For Home Server, You will need the Good Internet Speed That can Pass Min. 160KPBS Speed or 60KHz.

So let’s Start

We will use the Centos for Our Server OS. You can Buy VPS server and Dedicated Server from Online.

VPS or Dedicated and Home Server Config:

OS must be x64bit 4GB Ram, Two Core Server 100Mbit or 1Gbit Port, 80GB HDD or SSD(You can Max More if you store something in the online If you are Windows Server User) But In Here we will see for Linux. In Next Video We will see How to Setup in Windows.

SO for Setup, We are Using CENTOS Now. Let’s Start

Open Your server with SSH or VNC. Login as Root.

  1. yum update -y (Update Your OS)
  2. yum install nano -y (Install the nano in the server)
  3. yum install firewalld -y (Install the firewall)
  4. service firewalld start (Start the firewalld)
  5. Now go http://download.nullsoft.com/shoutcast/tools/ from your browser select the latest version of the shoutcast. Copy the Link and go back to server
  6. wget http://download.nullsoft.com/shoutcast/tools/sc_serv2_linux-latest.tar.gz (Download the shoutcast server file)
  7. tar xfz sc_serv2_linux-latest.tar.gz (Un Tar the gzip file)
  8. ls (see the file in the directory)
  9. make a file name server by using this command mkdir server
  10. cp sc_serv /server (move the sc_serv in the server folder)
  11. Then make 2 More File on there control and logs by using this command (mkdir control , mkdir logs)
  12. Now make Config File for radio server Using this command (nano sc_serv.conf)
  13. In the Config file enter this:(adminpassword=password
  14. Use Control+O, Then Press Enter to Save and Control+X to Exit From the NANO Text Editor
  15. Now Change the Permission mode of the sc_serv file using this command(chmod +x sc_serv)
  16. now check is there any kind of port are running with 8000 by using this command(netstat -tulpn | grep sc_serv)
  17. OK. Now we are Ready. You should remember we have started the firewalld. So we need to add the 8000 port to open for radio server.
  18. Use this command for open the port for radio server (firewall-cmd –add-port=8000/tcp –permanent)
  19. Now reload the firewalld to take an effect by using this command(firewall-cmd –reload)
  20. Now start the Shoutcast server by using this command(./sc_serv &)
  21. Now open your IP in the browser with the port of 8000 like this (
  22. Now You will see your server is live now. But You can’t Stream the Audio Yet. Because You Don’t have auth hash Yet to make it Live So Let’s Get it. Click on Server Login
  23. Enter the Username: admin and Password: password
  24. You will Enter to the Server. Now Go to http://shoutcast.com
  25. Click On Broadcast now. Sign Up there and Give all Details and Stream URL(Your Ip:8000)
  26. Then You will get an auth hash. Copy the Auth hash. Then go to Server Click on auth hash or manage auth hash. Paste it on there and saves it. Now you are ready to Make it Live.
  27. Click on Source Connection Details: [ View ] Click on the View You will get your stream Details over there.
  28. Now Download the Winamp for Windows http://meggamusic.co.uk/winamp/Winamp_Download.htm download from here.
  29. Then You need a Plugin for Winamp for the stream with Shoutcast. It’s Called Shoutcast DSP Plugin. Now Go there to Download the DSP Plugin http://download.nullsoft.com/shoutcast/tools/shoutcast-dsp-2-3-5-windows.exe.
  30. Install it After You install the winamp.
  31. Then Installing Both Press Control+P in the winamp then a dialoge box will be open. In the Left side you will find a tab name plugins under that you will find the DSP/Effect
  32. Click on It. Then Select the 2nd one(Shoutcast Source dsp). Then Click on config plugin.
  33. Then enter your server details from the source connection details. Then go to Encoder. Select Your comfortable stereo. It’s Defend on your Internet Speed. Now click on connect. Now You are Live with your server.
  34. Now Play a song with your Winamp software. Then Go to server setting in the browser click HTML5 or HTML to listen it on Browser or config it on website or anywhere you want.
  35. They will able to listen and if you go to shoutcast.com you will find your radio station on there and you can listen from there too.
  36. *Note: If you close the winamp dsp option and winamp the server will stop the streaming.
  37. And signup to Shoutcast is free. You don’t need to Pay anything for that. You need to Pay for server to your datacenter and Max only 512 user are support at a time to listen the radio. If you need more. Then Contact to shoutcast. They will help you to do that.

Thank You for Be With Us. Hope You will like the Post. Please Share it. If any problem Please comment. I will help you to Solve It. Have a Good Day.