On July 11, Jeff Kaplan, OW Game Director, put out a quick video updating players on the July 2019 schedule and happenings. While this video was brief, Jeff assured fans that more content would be coming soon. Below is the video announcement:

Here is a quick recap of what was covered in the video:

  • The regular content schedule will be changed from the past, so expect different release cycles
  • Summer Games coming quicker than usual and will have a weekly mini-challenges during each of the three weeks where players can unlock skins
  • Overall, there will be changes at how skins are distributed
  • Hero 31 will be male. His release date is slightly delayed but will be here quickly
  • Recap of subtitles and cheating detection system

This announcement will no doubt lead to more fan speculation about who hero 31 will be. With Mauga being among the leading candidates so far, it will be exciting to see him, or another male hero, come to life very soon.

With reassurance that more will be coming soon, keep an eye out for more from Jeff and the Overwatch team. For all the news and updates, stay tuned here, at The Game Haus

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