Reading your opponent often results in rewards, but hard reads reap the best of them

Everybody has gotten a read before. If you play fighting games, you’ve gotten a read on your opponent and predicted correctly what they’ll do.

Reads in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tend to result in ended stocks when done correctly. This is definitely true when it comes to hard reads. This compilation video shows you some of the best reads so far in Ultimate.

A hard read is one of the most satisfying things to get in ANY fighting game. Learning your opponent’s tendencies and punishing them can be wonderful.

Once you finally get a bead on their play style and what they are trying to do, setting up the proper and most effective punish is essential. Dragon Smash highlights some of the best reads so far in Ultimate.

From Wario players reading a roll and punishing with a fully charged waft, to Captain Falcon players reading a air dodge off a down throw, there are many treats within this compilation. NRG|Nairo has an amazing read using Ganondorf versus a Hero player who uses Zoom to recover.

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What’s the hardest read you’ve landed? What’s your favorite read you’ve ever seen?

Source: Dragon Smash

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