The promotions around last week’s release of Stranger Things 3 have been numerous, with Netflix at one point even taking over an entire baseball field via augmented reality.

Now, after fans have had a week to binge the show, Google has teamed up with The New York Times to deliver yet another AR treat involving the series, this time coming straight from the pages of the print edition of the newspaper.

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On Thursday, Google released a new Google Lens experience that allows users to see old school ’80s advertisements featuring the Starcourt Mall, the primary setting and a major plot point for Stranger Things 3.

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Fans of the show will be able to find three different AR experiences advertising the fictional 1985 mall in the pages of the Times. However, no, Starcourt Mall isn’t really a place you can visit (sure, it’s a real place, it’s just not open for business).

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