Google shuts down Nest apps for the Apple Watch and WearOS

Just talk to your thermostat like everyone else, sheesh

GOOGLE HAS shuttered its Nest app for Apple Watch and WearOS devices. 

The subsidiary, recently rolled into Google’s devices arm which has been rechristened as ‘Google Nest’, will be rolling Nest into the main Google and Google Assistant apps in the coming months, and the first stage seems to be killing off the old pre-merger smartwatch software.

A message to users says simply “Nest is no longer supported on Wear OS” when opening the app. Google says it’s in response to low usage, but the reality is there’s no point in having an app that is going to be superseded soon anyway.

At present, users can migrate their Nest devices to a Google account but as with so many Google products, not all the functionality from the old app has been migrated yet (are you listening, YouTube Music?)

The only real losers here are Apple Watch users, who don’t have a direct path to the same functionality. For Android users, it’s pretty much business as usual – your notifications will still appear on your watch, and Google Assistant will do pretty much anything you needed it to anyway.

As noted by 9to5Google, which broke the story, this leaves just one optional Google Android app on Apple’s watchOS – Google Keep. It’s not known if there has been a conscious policy of winding down apps within Google, but it does feel a bit like its scaling back to focus on the main Google app for wearables, which actually makes a lot of sense for a platform still languishing in the doldrums compared to watchOS.

It seems we’re reaching a crossroads with wearables, particularly smartwatches. Up to now, they’ve been all-singing, all-dancing masters-of-none. Now it seems we’re moving closer to devices that do less better and amen to that.

The first Google Nest product, the Nest Hub Max, is due for release in the UK in the coming weeks. μ

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