When Google changed their naming scheme for Google Home devices, we weren’t really sure how the regular Google Home devices would change. The Google Home Hub turned into the Nest Hub, for example, but it’s still just the regular Google Home and Google Home Mini.

It doesn’t look Google will be retroactively changing anything, but the next generation of the little home speaker that could will be adopting the Nest name.

You can expect the Nest Mini to be released as soon as next year, semi-officially signaling the end of the Google Home brand. The good news is that it should be picking up some pretty cool new features, like a built-in AUX port, wall mount, and improved speakers.

Google won’t be drastically changing the size or design of the Nest Mini, which makes sense considering the Home Mini is almost perfect for what it’s designed to do. Some new colors would be nice, and they’re included in the rumor, but we don’t know which colors that includes at this point. Pricing is expected to stay around $49, and sales will bring that down even further.

An interesting little tidbit about the Nest Mini is that it will reportedly start to include some of Nest’s proximity awareness like what you get in their other smart home hardware. There’s not much a Nest Mini could do without a screen, but it supposedly be able to display the volume whenever you get close to it.

Small, but very welcome improvements. Keep an eye out for this one.

source: 9to5Google

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