Google Cloud Platform (GCP) recently announced the release of Cloud SQL for Microsoft SQL Server. As per the official announcement from Google, the motive of introducing Cloud SQL for Microsoft SQL Server is to make it easier for enterprises to execute their on-premises cloud projects in an effective manner. In addition to this, this will also allow them to bring SQL Server projects into their Google Cloud infrastructure.

In its official release, the company said that this option will allow enterprises to experience fully managed SQL Server with in-built high availability and backup capability. With the use of Cloud SQL, it will become possible to lift and shift SQL Server workloads without the need to change apps. After this, one can use the data from these apps with other GCP services in order to create more intelligent applications.

Due to the availability of Cloud SQL, the customers will no longer have to worry about tasks such as backups, replication, patches, and updates. It will be possible to take advantage of GCP services like BigQuery for analytics. According to Dominic Preuss, the goal of their platform is to be a level playing field for first-party and third-party offerings to allow customers to choose it on the merits of those solutions.

The use of database management systems has been increasing at an enormous level. People have been looking for PL SQL tutorial on various platforms to master the concept of a query language for their work. With the use of SQL, it becomes easier to manage the data in any organization in an effective manner.

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