The Free Fire OB21 Advanced Server is live from today (March 25) to April 2. Players can register for access until March 28 on the official battle royale’s Advanced Server website.

Players who get access to the Advanced Server will be able to test new features that could possibly be included in the game with the OB21 update and report any bugs. To submit the registration form to download the server, players must open the official website and log in with their Facebook accounts linked to Free Fire. The Advanced Server is only available for Android devices.

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Leaks suggest that the OB21 update is coming in the middle of April 2020. But like the OB20 update, it could suffer delays because of coronavirus impacts on some countries. The OB21 update is said to bring a new pet named Ottero, a new mode called Kill Secured, and two characters: Kapella and Lucas. 

Ottero is an otter dressed in hip-hop style that will probably come with at least three emotes. With the pet, when the player uses any medical items, he’ll also receive EP. Kapella has the Healing Song skill, being able to increase the effects of HP skills and items and reduce damage received by teammates after she dies. Lucas is a soccer player with the Hat-trick skill, which restores HP when he kills an enemy.

Other leaks suggest that with the OB21 update, Garena will also release Free Fire Max. This version should come with enhanced and more steady graphics, going up to Super Ultra settings. The normal version only goes up to Ultra, settings that can run on any smartphone. The Free Fire Max version would target players with high-end smartphones and would bring new characters and skins.

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