Epic Games has confirmed the downtime for Fortnite as it’s been taken offline to make way for the latest update patch 12.21.

If you’re having trouble logging in to the game right now, it’s because Fortnite is down – as confirmed by Epic Games earlier this week – to implement a new update, with players who were in-game by 6 am GMT this morning being kicked off the platform.

We know that the game will only be offline for at most three hours, but rolling out these updates could always happen earlier, and many players could be back in-game by 9 am today.

Unfortunately, Epic Games has stopped sharing patch notes about all the features it will bring in with these updates so we’ll have to jump into the game to see what’s new in version 12.21.

You can check on the server status here by using Epic Games’ official server website for more information.

You’ll be sky-diving back in soon (Epic Games)

The servers were confirmed as going down today to implement the patch, so that means you currently can’t log into the game and play.

Players have been told by the Fortnite dev team that the March 24 downtime could last up to three hours.

This patch isn’t expected to bring anything huge to the game, but there might be a couple of tweaks and changes to the new Choppa vehicle which was introduced last week.

The Choppa is a helicopter which allows you and three other squadmates to jump in to and hit the skies in style.

If there are more dramatic changes coming, we’ll have to see the state of the game once the serves are back online.

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