Families of children with type 1 diabetes are frustrated after a technical issue caused a popular monitoring device to fail, resulting in a blackout of crucial blood sugar readings and alerts.

The San Diego-based company Dexcom acknowledged a server malfunction for its glucose reading products early Saturday morning.

The company creates sensors that people with diabetes can wear on their bodies. The products constantly collect information and can send updates to a phone every five minutes, according to its website.

But over the holiday weekend, those updates stopped coming.

“Attention Dexcom CGM users: We’re aware of an issue with Dexcom Follow that may cause users to not receive CGM data or alerts. We are actively working on a resolution,” the website said in part.

Once the technical problems began, parents said Dexcom’s app did not provide updated readings, in addition the app did not notify them that the data stopped being sent in the first place.

Some said the device helps track blood glucose levels even while their children are sleeping.

“My son went unattended from 1am-6am. A bit terrifying and unacceptable,” one user commented on Dexcom’s Facebook update.

Dexcom continues to investigate the official cause but said, in the meantime, “a server overload occurred due to an unexpected system issue that generated a massive backlog, which our system was unable to sufficiently handle.”

“Dexcom, you’ve saved my sons life various times because I recieved (sic) the follower notifications that he was low. I can’t tell you how panicked I am when I know he is in his own living two hours away? Please, please, please let us know when technology fails. Signed, frightened mother of type 1 son,” another commenter wrote on Dexcom’s Facebook page.

The company first acknowledged the issue at 8 a.m. Saturday. It also told customers not to try deleting and reinstalling the app “as it may not function properly,” the Facebook post said.

As of Monday morning, Dexcom’s services “have not yet been fully restored,” the company said.

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