Dell currently offers 11 laptops and 6 desktop computers with Ubuntu and Linux. But up until recently actually finding those options on the Dell website could be a bit of a hassle.

Now rather than hunting through configuration options to find out if Ubuntu is an option, you can just visit to see the company’s new landing page for computers that come with a GNU/Linux-based operating system pre-installed.

The current lineup includes Dell XPS 13 developer edition laptops with 10th-gen Intel Core processors or 8th-gen Intel Core chips that ship with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

Dell also offers a number of Precision mobile workstation laptops featuring 15 to 17 inch displays, AMD or NVIDIA graphics, and Ubuntu Linux (although they’re also certified for Red Hat 8.0).

Rounding out the lineup are a half dozen different Dell Precision Tower workstation PCs including models with up to 3TB of RAM and 136TB of storage (surprisingly not a typo).

For the most part, there’s nothing brand new here — Dell has been selling “developer edition” Linux computers for a number of years at this point. But making it easier to find those computers on the company’s website is a welcome step.

Oh, and if is too hard to remember, any of the following URLs should get you there as well:


via Barton George

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