CSS is used to give styling or an item to any element of the HTML document. Hold a paragraph (<p> </p>) or heading (<h1> </h1>) or any element to color, make the font larger, position it from one direction to the other, the background color should be changed There are hundreds of style changes made with CSS. Especially CSS is the most important for making layouts.

Currently CSS 3 comes (still working). The previous version is CSS 2.1. However, CSS 3 now supports most browsers, and CSS 3 is increasing day by day.

CSS – Cascading Style Sheets

The CSS rule is written against the HTML element. From ashik.pw to Basic CSS, tutorials will be provided with CSS 3 requirements.


And not a word to say. Before learning CSS you must know better about HTML. If you do not know HTML then read our HTML tutorials.


** An HTML page can be styled by inserting the CSS code inside the <head> tag with the CSS code. It is an internal CSS and if the CSS code is over, then the CSS code is written in a separate file and the <link>  The CSS file is inserted into the tag. This method is the External CSS. Examples of most tutorials on ashik.pw sites are shown using internal CSS, but most of the time, external CSS is well written.