It is not easy to select a product in the e-commerce business, find out and then store it then it is not easy to market it. For those who are starting a business online, a great job is not to first understand what started with the product. Thinking about this article writing, hopefully, it will come in handy a little bit


Start with something you can solve by yourself

It is good to start with an e-commerce business that you know about, if you know a lot about computer hardware software, or if you start with it or you are very experienced with domain hosting, that’s your first product or business content. Which will be

  • You can work with confidence
  • No one can misinterpret you and give you a bad product or service
  • If you have any problem, you can solve it.

Look around you

It is a great thing that you will take an idea of e-commerce business around you, when you decide to do business, when you go out, see if something new is seen in your shop, which is arranged very well in a shop or a market, from here You can understand which types of products are more popular in your local market


And in the same way, it is a newspaper advertisement. See if an add is found at a shopping center or in the shop then thinks it can be brought online.

Idea from industry leaders

You probably do not know what the product will sell but it certainly knows what industry you are going to work on. Then, in different groups, who are working, who is working, online business means that no one has decided to do a product, who can post to Groupe, then take them from their own page and make marketing in the comments. Get to know before.


Well, in Groupe see, the most popular group in our country is the group of e-cab, where we can understand who are working, try to get ideas from them if they need to talk directly to them, see whether they can be seen directly, Groupe Posting Ideas, Marketing is the Next Matter

Take ideas from reviews

An Idea of what kind of product you want to sell, product reviews from the popular e-commerce site. Go to Amazon, search by entering the name of the product, then read reviews again, the product reviews are more important, the key is to read what’s written in it, it’s important to see how many stars it’s got, and understand a lot.


What can be the problem if you want to sell those products, you can find out from the review that many review the product’s problem in the review. Again, good reviews can be learned from reviews, there is a good idea to know about a product that is reviewing. After buying a lot of buyer reviews, the product buys the product.

You can get ideas from wholesale vendors

It is normal to buy more of the products that are more demanding, so try to see whether the information is available to those who are selling wholesale or websites such as Alibaba, the largest wholesale market, and many ideas can be obtained from the product.