Some good news for Chinese players of DayZ, as developer Bohemia Interactive has added a ton of new servers for China to play the game. Ever since the game dropped back in December, there has been a bit of congestion from a few different countries with large populations, and this new addition will seek to relieve some of that. Which is needed as the open-world sandbox game has 60 players in it at a time trying to survive. And having a few people with weak connections will mess up a game quickly. Here’s a little more info on the server additions from the company below.

"DayZ" Receives A Brand New Patch Adding Gear And Fixes
Credit: Bohemia Interactive

The post-soviet country of Chernarus has been decimated, the majority population has been turned into frenzied zombies. Fighting over resources has bred hostility among survivors, driving what’s left of humanity to collapse. In a world where humanity has been turned on its head, how far will you go to survive?

With the addition of new servers, Chinese players can experience DayZ’s newest expansion “Livonia” with speed and reliability. Explore sprawling landscapes, dense forests, winding rivers, serene lakes, murky swamps, and an array of dilapidated structures with confidence in your connection.

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