Raj Babu, Founder & Head of Customer Success

Raj Babu, Founder & Head of Customer Success

BI chatbots help businesses develop a perfect analytical ecosystem, enhance the accuracy of data-driven decisions to improve performance and productivity.

FREMONT, CA: Agilisium introduces conversational BI bot, Analytics Anywhere to let customers and client get answers to all their questions in less than 25 minutes. A single conversation with the bot not only brings solutions but also enhances business experiences. AWS Quick Starts are accelerators, including deployment guides and templates that businesses can quickly deploy and endure a Partner’s solution on AWS environment. They are meticulously tested for AWS best security, practices, and high availability.

“Through a comprehensive suite of digital accelerators and design thinking enabled services, Aligisium focuses on delivering actionable business insights over cloud platforms while achieving a minimum of 30 percent TCO reduction,” says Raj Babu, Founder, Agilisium Consulting.

Organizations can explore and employ the preloaded data in Agilisium’s QuickStart. They can also use their data and experiment with the QuickStart by following the instructions in the deployment guide. For businesses that are interested in implementing Analytics Anywhere solution for custom use, Agilisium offers a packaged service offering with defined timeline and cost. Agilisium gladly reconfigures the package to suit the unique requirements of the customer. A new chat window on the bot website can be opened, conversed with a bot, and get answers by entering questions about data. The bot answers through a mix of texts and visuals.   

Agilisium highlights the process of developing teams with consumer-focused culture espousing best practices like design thinking to ensure that the company’s digital solutions yield long-term value for its clients. Aligisium’s retinue of qualified personnel are not just technocrats but savvy digital domain experts who expound all possible approaches, keeping in mind the business goals of the clients. “Digital transformation is less about bringing only new ideas and more enhancing experience of what’s already in place,” added Raj.  

Securing its place as one of the Top 100 Big Data Companies 2017, CIO Review, Agilisium has emerged as an ardent endeavor to deliver a stable, secure, and scalable cloud and data foundation, on which users can confidently explore your business data. The company’s services also enable businesses to uncover digital opportunities to create better products & services for the customers.  

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