We found a ton of new changes in Android Q Beta 5 yesterday, but there are still changes hiding behind the scenes. Today, we’ve spotted that Google is now using the Settings Panel feature to make it a bit easier to adjust settings on notification channels with Android Q.

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Notification channels have been in Android for a while. They have the ability to turn on or off specific types of notifications from an app instead of disabling the app’s notifications entirely. For example, Twitter notification channels might allow a user to turn off follower notifications, mentions, or direct messages.

In Android Q Beta 5, Google is allowing users to turn off an app’s notification channels by using a pop-up Settings Panel. This changes the behavior from Beta 4, which instead pushed a user into the full Settings app. This only works, though, when tapping the “Turn off Notifications” button in a notification. Tapping the settings icon will still direct you to the full Settings app.

With this change, toggling the notification channels is a more fluid experience that doesn’t take you out of your notifications. A couple of quick taps and you’re done. Hopefully, Google will continue to use these Settings panels throughout Android Q, as we’ve also seen with volume sliders.

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