AMD Radeon graphics cards are about to get much-desired integer scaling feature in a short time

Radeon is a brand of computer products, containing graphics processing units, random-access memory, RAM disk software, and solid-state drives, designed and produced by Radeon Technologies Group (formerly AMD Vision).Radeon Technologies Group is actually a subdivision of Advanced Micro Devices. It is said that AMD has made arrangements to add support for integer scaling to its Radeon graphics driver, at least accepting by the references revealed in Linux driver patches.

According to a PC GamesN report, there have been numerous references in similar patches for Linux all the way through October, latest patch arrived on October 31, with a reference to “promise integer scaling ratio for every scaling modes”.

Following facts will help you to have a better understanding of this article:
• Nvidia’s Gamescom Game Ready Driver (436.02) improves an ultra-low latency choice which allows ‘just in time’ frame scheduling. So , Nvidia’s ultra- low latency mode beats AMD’s Radeon Anti-Lag
• AMD’s graphics cards are defeating the previous technology, surpassing Nvidia
• These are no doubt the best graphics cards of 2019

Integer scaling (the most desired feature), for the uninitiated, is a procedure of applying sharper up scaling for pixel art games like Hotline Miami and Terarria.
The issue these games offer is that their pixel art graphics can appear negatively blurry on higher-resolution monitors, but what integer scaling offers is to guarantee that they still look crisp – positively incredibly crisp – on these types of screens.

Most-desired feature of AMD Radeon graphics cards

It’s some type of a niche feature, but it will come up with a tremendous difference for pixel art games like Hotline Miami and Terarria. Considering the actual fact, it’s the alone most demanded feature going by AMD’s own survey which pursues to decide about the desired features that should be presented with the big Adrenalin driver update due in December (it just taps the growth of Radeon Image Sharpening to more GPUs beyond those presently supported).

Based on rumors in the market, we’ve also heard about a lot of clamor for integer scaling online, and Nvidia has already launched the feature for Turing graphics card back in August this year. So considering this fact, its essential introduction will keep up with the Joneses, as it was doing previously.
The AMD’s strategy, which is quite obvious from the above information, is to implement this given not just the noticeable demand, but the number of reoccurring references in those aforementioned patches for Linux drivers.

AMD Radeon graphics cards are about to get much-desired integer scaling feature in a short time

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