And so it begins! Even though critics labeled it as just a BMW Z4 with a coupe top, the new Toyota Supra could be the darling of the tuning industry this year. Considering how iconic the previous generation was, it’s no surprise that aftermarket specialists are betting on this horse.

It feels like it’s only been a few weeks since the Supra was launched, but European exhaust specialists Akrapovic have just released a cool new muffler. Is this because they had early access to the sports car?

Akrapovic is such a household name that many big companies want to be associated with their brand. Thus, BMW, Volkswagen, and Renault all have factory-fitted systems from them. The one for the new A90 Supra is a slip-on muffler with ECE Type Approval and CARB compliance.

The system comes with valves, allowing you to set how naughty you want the 3-liter to sound. In addition, the insides of the tips have special blue relief imprints, kind of like muzzling. By the way, blue is the natural color of titanium when it’s exposed to high heat.

Based on this sample video, the A90 Supra probably sounds better than an early F80 BMW M3, which is to be expected since single-turbo engines are better than twin-turbo ones in that regard. Akrapovic promises lighter weight, more power and torque without going into further detail.

We suspect the new exhaust can unlock about 10 of each (hp and Nm) even before a re-map. An Evolution Link pipe set can also be ordered to further boost the flow of exhaust gasses and free up some trapped ponies.

Pricing information is also missing, but we should be looking at about $3,000, if not a little more. Based on recent dyno tests and tuner results with the M240i, we can see 450-500 horsepower Supra appearing by the end of the year.

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